User Guide – English(US)

Server information

A . Basic server information

NetEase Main Service :   NetEase Mobile 12366756 Pure Survival : NetEase Mobile 8767670 Service Master : Apricot Eye Valley Rain Agent Service Master : . .

Valley Rain International Pure Survival 32271 Multi-function Survival 32272 Full OP32273 Deman RPG32274

The official website

II. NetEase main suit, international multi-functional survival service public official list

Game idOther game idscallQQ numberPlayer level
Apricot Eye Valley RainApricot eyes to the valley rainValley rain / grunt rain11529311465
The Ender Is Small Eight . .Ender little eightLittle eight /oe/old eight31523656955
Pity the featherSinking cloud ink colorSun cloud  (architect).11570561624
Windman( None at this time).Windman ( Life Builder )10343238543
Two ha JMXTwo ha TNSTwo ha ( architect )15860548424

Iii. The list of servers

The name of the serverThe server locationThe server numberThe state of the serverAccount number / notes
The first generation Bad radish suitNetEase mobile phone sideUnknownClose the suitBad radish
Second generation Valley Rain One ArchiveNetEase mobile phone side3094****Close the suitApricot Eye Valley Rain
Third generation Valley Rain II ArchiveNetEase mobile phone side1236****Close the suitApricot Eye Valley Rain
Fourth generation Valley Rain III ArchiveNetEase mobile phone side1236****Close the suitApricot Eye Valley Rain
Fifth generation Valley Rain Iv ArchiveNetEase mobile phone side1236**56Close the suitApricot Eye Valley Rain
6th generation Melee One ArchiveNetEase mobile phone side6135**47Close the suitApricot eyes to the valley rain
7th generation Attached to the empty island suitNetEase mobile phone side9212**86Close the suitEnder little eight
8th generation Ancillary building clothingNetEase mobile phone side9212**86Close the suitEnder little eight
9th generation Subsidiary international serviceBedrock 1.16.0play.***.online:26026Close the suitValley Rain International Archive
10th generation attached to the empty island suitNetEase mobile phone side7690**86Close the suitYuen Federal Official Account Number
Eleventh generation Valley Rain Iv ArchiveNetEase mobile phone side12366756It’s in operationApricot Eye Valley Rain
Twelfth generation Subsidiary International (2)Bedrock 1.16.2mc.****.xyz:17246Close the suitValley Rain International II Archive
Thirteenth generation International Survival OneBedrock 1.16.2gyf.****.xyz:11111Close the suitValley Rain International II Archive
Fourteenth generation International Survival IIBedrock 1.16.2gyf.****.xyz:11112Close the suitValley Rain International Archive
Fifteenth generation International survival Multi-functional survival Full OP Deman RPGBedrock 32271 32272 32273 32274It’s in operationValley Rain International
Sixteenth generation Pure survivalNetEase mobile phone side8767670It’s in operationApricot Eye Valley Rain

Four  NetEase Master Service Guild List

Guild numberThe guild namePresident game idVice President idGuild levelGroup number
1 (dissolved).The shadow of the endIllusion reminiscingzxzfawzxz1
2meteoriteThe Ender Is Small Eight . .CxiCShang11038490001
3 (Dissolved).Lonely Island洇 cloudXianxian Oh1
4 ( Dissolved ).IslandIt’s Tom’s …1
5dawnTwo ha JMXMinecraft Hospital11125053777
6Peach source homeWindmanPick up the wine11127223428

Player system

A . Player hierarchy

1. Summary:  For ease of management, the server has 5 player levels

2. List:

gradenamePermissionsThe method to this level
1newcomerNormal survivalEnter the server
2memberInherit level one to join/create guilds to lead player apartmentsAfter entering the group, according to the password independent certification
3Survival architectInherited secondary, a large number of construction resourcesFind a service owner /management application You are eligible to apply for more than 7 days
4 4A 4C4: Architect 4A: Co-tube 4C: Security4: Inherit level three, create 4A: Adjust the time weather to temporarily block the player 4C: Use of robots in groups, etcFind the service master / agent service master application 4/4A Group 28 days or more to be eligible to apply 4C60 days to qualify
5Internship Administrator / AdministratorInherit level four, temporary OP permissions / Inherits level four and has OP permissionsFind the service master / agent service master application You are eligible to apply for more than 60 days

II. Administrative system

1. Introduction:  Before the new rules are introduced, 10 players plan to collect opinions between players, after discussion, report to the administrator and service master, and then issue a notice by the executive

2. Planning Group : Collect views and suggestions for server improvement among players, discuss together, and present a solution to management

3. Security Group: Elected by a vote of all members of the group, while members of the group may initiate the right to disqualify the planning

4. Executive Department:  Similar to the public security department, responsible for managing player-to-player conflicts, directly responsible for the management group

The prohibition system

A . List of prohibited items

1. The following items adventure mode is automatically cleared:  Purple Song fruit

2. The following items are automatically cleared in all modes:  Billboards

3. The following items are automatically sealed in all modes: TNT,bedrock, barrier, command block, command block minecart, egg generation, piston and furnace, sticky piston, furnace, piston, box, sticky piston and box

II. List of prohibited behaviors

1. The following actions will discourage minor damage to other people’s homes, etc

2. The following behavior server timed blackening, intra-group ban:  brush screen, abuse

3. The following actions will empty the property:  take advantage of the server vulnerability to do the violation

3. The following actions will be permanently sealed:  use an external hang to obtain some contraband

4. The following behavior will be notified by the entire network:  irreversible or significant damage to the server

Iii. The list of tiered penalties

Penalty levelSeverityTrigger behaviorPenalty content
Level 5  (minimum).Very lowBrush the screen slightly inside the group The server is torn down Send an ad, run mapVerbal dissuasion, temporary ban, etc
Level 4lowBrushes fly through walls Brush the screen inside the group and insultBan words, kick out, warn, temporarily blacken
Level 3middleCreate mode hanging, etc. illegal demolition of buildingsKick out and pull black immediately
Level 2highBrush screen inside the server Use external hangings to demolish buildings in large numbersImmediately blacken, intragroup and part of the platform notification
Level 1  (highest).Very highViolation of personal information Attack server violations of the law, etcReport, immediately blacken, the whole network to inform, if necessary, contact NetEase and public security organs

Code of Conduct for Public Officials

A . OP Administrator Code

Note: The OP administrator here does not include the service owner and the agent service master, and the service owner and agent service master are detailed later

1.op administrators are administrators who help manage servers such as masters and agents to maintain the gaming experience, and not members have to listen to management for everything

2. Administrators who prohibit any op permissions are not in the group and are working with the server

3. Do not allow any op administrator to add op permissions to anyone

4. Do not allow any op administrator to remove permissions from any server’s existing op administrator

5. Do not allow any op administrator to add op permissions directly to their other accounts, and contact the service owner and agent service owner to record them when adding them

6. Do not allow any op administrator to  add op  permissions to accounts that have not been allowed by the service owner or agent (e.g. ta is my family, friends, etc.).

7. If you encounter an op administrator you don’t know, check the list of public officials in this provision to determine if the administrator is legitimate and can remove their op permissions if it’s illegal

8.op Administrator by any means, any means to remove the service master or agent service master op permissions or restrict the normal game directly considered renegade, permanent black

9. Do not allow any op administrator to set any player to Creative Mode without the consent of the service owner and record the number of warnings if they appear

10. If any person in the co-management department is found to be free to blacken the player, immediately temporarily block the co-ordinator, and then contact the player within the group, as well as the service owner or agent to confirm the situation

11. It is prohibited for any op administrator to trade items or privileges within the server, e.g. how many CNYs for op permissions, how many  CNYs for creation modes, etc., to record 1 warning number of times, either online or online, in any virtual or physical currency, and not to build stores privately

12. Any op is prohibited from giving members or co-ordinators, novice players worth more than 5000 gold coins at one time, and record the number of warnings once found

13. Any op administrator is prohibited from killing players at will or emptying backpacks, unlimited transmissions, mistransmitters, interfering with players and other management, etc., and recording one warning after discovery

14. Adjusting the server default game mode for the creation will remove op permissions directly and single times

15. The execution of irreversible or significant instructions and actions (e.g. kill @e) must be agreed by the service owner or agent, otherwise op permissions must be removed directly and permanently

16. Any op administrator who discovers a player’s violation shall promptly impose penalties in accordance with these Provisions, and if the player is disalected without punishment, the number of warnings shall be recorded once

17. Permanently remove op permissions after three warnings

18.op Administrator after withdrawal, withdrawal, withdrawal, etc. behavior must be self-service or find the owner or agent service master to remove all his accounts op administrator rights and whitelist. If the private retreat group, retreat without notice, do not remove permissions, will want to contact the method. Not being able to contact will permanently blacken and count as a level four violation.

19. Agent service owners can add or remove op permissions, block players, and so on. However, removing the Service Master op permission is also considered a mutiny, and the Service Master must be notified before executing an irreversible command.

20. OP administrators are strictly prohibited from placing long-retained command blocks outside the main city and command block area

II. Code of The Co-Management Department

1. Co-management is a player who helps the server service owner, agent service owner, and administrator manage the server within the server.

2. Such players can use the co-ordinator menu, game mode for survival, in-game permissions of 4A.

3. Co-ordinators can use The Ender Eye to adjust the weather and time inside the server and transfer it to the player. If you abuse the function of adjusting the weather time and transmitting, the number of warnings is recorded once when found

4. Co-ordinators in the server to see the player using external hanging, brush screen, personal attacks and other acts, please immediately use the temporary black-out function to blacken the player, black-out immediately after the main city to view the small black house players, monitoring abnormal status.

5. If the co-controller pulls the black player indiscriminately, the service owner, the agent service owner and the administrator shall have the right to remove the co-ordinator’s permissions from the player.

6. It is prohibited for co-controllers to be absent from the co-management department and server base, and to work with the server management group

7. It is prohibited for any co-management to trade items or privileges within the server, e.g. how much CNY changes time, how much CNY changes weather, etc., and records 2 warnings upon discovery

8. Permanently revoke the player’s co-hosting rights immediately after three warnings

Iii. Planning Group Code

1. Planning groups collect players’ experiences of playing on the server, and think about ways to improve and inform the management group’s organization

2. The planning group collects the play experience in the following ways:  vote, questionnaire, ask questions, observe

3. When planning groups think about ways to improve, it’s important to start with the player’s gaming experience and server security to find the best solution

4. The planning group simply informs the management group of the proposed update, does not belong to the management group, and cannot decide whether to update

5. The planning team is required to establish ministers and vice-ministers, who are voted on by the server players and vice-ministers are elected as ministers

6. Planning group qq group owners need to be official, ministers and robots have group management authority, vice-ministers have robot group management authority. Management team personnel are not allowed to enter the planning group

7. To join the planning team, please contact their Minister, who initiates a vote within the server group, with all players voting for consent

Four  Code of Conduct for Security Groups

1. The executive department is an organization that maintains good order within the server base

2. The organization acts as an assistance to the Management Group and is directly responsible for the Management Group

3. Any player in the group conflict, or malicious brush screen, advertising, verbal abuse, etc. can find the security team as soon as possible to explain, and then the security team needs to implement the ban as soon as possible

4. If there is a disorderly judgment or malicious bias against the player, the player shall be directly removed from his duties

5. The Security Unit has a Minister who is responsible for managing order within the Group. If the minister appears disorderly judgment, disorderly ban, malicious bias players will also directly cancel their duties, and the responsibility does not exist transfer, inheritance system

Survival membership rules

A . Survival zone regulations

1. The server currently has 6 survival areas, the survival area and any other area is strictly prohibited to run map and the use of frost walker boots, found by four or five levels of punishment

2. When the basic development of all living areas is complete, the new living areas will be replaced

3. 30 blocks near the transmission point of the survival area are strictly prohibited from maliciously damaging the terrain and killing novices, and the last four levels of punishment are found

4. The appearance of home burning, items are taken, was randomly killed and so on please go to the group or server recommendation reporting office to contact the co-management group, deal with player conflicts and other incidents, and contact the management team to punish, the co-management department detailed regulations see the “Co-management department code.”

II. Building area regulations

1. The building area is the exclusive construction area of the player who creates the pattern for part of the range, and other players are not allowed to go to

2. Players who have only joined the building area can build there

3. Contact the Server Management Group, etc. for malicious damage

Architect regulations

A . Construction area regulations

1. Most architects may use creative modes to build buildings in all but the main city, but do not destroy existing buildings

II. Permissions specify

1. Creative architects can use the creative model in full service except in the main city

2. It is prohibited for any architect to give Survival Mode player items at will and to remove the architect’s position immediately upon discovery

3. Architects contribute to the development of the server, and when the server has a construction need, the architect should respond promptly

4. Inactivity for a long period of time  (typically more than 30 days)  will remove the architect

5. Architects who appear to destroy the server building will immediately blacken

6. The applicant architect is required to provide his or her own architectural work, which is reviewed by the service owner or agent, and requires 15 days to apply before he or she has joined the server

Player play rules

A . Conflicting rules between players

1. In the event of abuse, violation of property rights, demolition of buildings, malicious brushing, etc., please contact the executive immediately, and the executive department may continue to seek co-management and management if there is no feedback

2. In the event of more serious acts such as infringement of personal information, personal attacks, and the use of external hang-ups, do not conceal the situation, please inform the management team immediately to stop it

3. The Management Group is not responsible for any loss caused by a well-discussed PVP between players

II. Use the hang-up rules

1. Except for the Service Master, no person is permitted to use any external, script, etc. without the service owner’s knowledge.  op administrator and agent service master use external hanging need to declare service master. Other players are not allowed to use hang-ups

Iii. Take advantage of vulnerability provisions

1. The vulnerabilities here include, but are not limited to:  using store spreads to brush gold coins, using game loopholes to brush items, brushing experience, etc

2. When a vulnerability is discovered, a warning is issued once

3. Warn twice to empty the property (remove the house, empty the backpack, remove the experience, clear the gold coins, empty the end box).

4. Warn three times after pulling black, do not enter the server

Guild regulations

A . The creation of the guild

1. Players within the group can create guilds.

2. Additional conditions required to create a guild: (1) Give the guild its name (2) At least 2 founders (3)500 gold coins

3. After the creation of the guild: (1) The founder decides a president (2) the president decides a vice president (3) enter the guild group (4) select the location of the guild’s territory within the server (5) after looking for management coordinates to manage the addition of scope protection and enter the guild system

4. After the guild is created, it starts with a maximum limit of 15 people and a range protection radius of 200

II. Join the guild

1. In-group players can join guilds

2. Joining the Guild is reviewed by the President or Vice President and approved to join, but the Service Owner and OP reserve the right to refuse to join

3. Level 1 Guilds can only join Survival Players, Level 2 Add Creative Mode players, and Level 3 can join OP Administrator

Iii. The level of the guild

1. Level 1 Guilds allow only surviving players to join, Level 2 Guilds allow Creative Mode players to join on a tier 1 basis, and Level 3 Guilds allow OP administrators to join on a level 2 basis

2. If there is a Creative Mode player or OP administrator in the Guild’s initial personnel, the Guild’s OP Administrator and Creative Mode Player may not give Any Special Treatment to The Survival Mode Player within the Guild, such as giving items, helping to transfer, etc

3. Gold coins are required to upgrade the Guild level, and 150,000 gold coins are required for each upgrade level

4. The Guild will cost 20,000 gold coins for each additional 5 person cap

5. The Guild Range Protection Area costs 15,000 gold coins for each 50-square-mile expansion radius 

Four  Inter-guise war

1. Guild war is a competition for friendship, and it is strictly forbidden to over-talk

2. The Guild War is fought by 2 guilds and must be agreed by both Guild Presidents/Vice Presidents

3. The losing party of the Guild War needs to transfer its guild to the management of the victor, and the winner needs to set the losing party president as vice president,which cannot be changed within 28 days

4. The Guild Battle is conducted in the form of live ammunition,and within24 hours, both Guilds’ scope protection is closed, and the guild that takes the lead in reaching the enemy guild base and defeating the enemy president is the victor (in Guild war, the OP administrator within the Guild will be revoked OP rights, and the Creative Mode player will be converted to survival, both recovered after the end).

5. In the event of verbal abuse, etc. in the guild war, the war will be immediately suspended and disqualified

6. It is not allowed for large guilds (e.g. Flower rain courts, ec guilds, etc.)  to find  server-in-house guilds to declare war. But a large guild can legalize guild wars by establishing a guild inside the server and setting it up as a primary guild division. Note, however, that after a guild’s victory, members of the Server Loser Guild must only go to the winner’s server guild, but the guild’s headquarters main group is only voluntary.

V. Guild group regulations

1. The guild group is the QQ communication group

2. The group owner is the official account number of the server, and the robot, president and service owner are the administrator

3. The official account number of the server, the president, the service owner and the vice president have the robot management authority

4. The exclusive titles within the group are owned only by the official, president, service owner and vice-president. The average player gets an exclusive title by waiting for server activity.

5. Ten statements per minute allow for temporary sessions, upload albums and files, and prohibit ordinary members from chatting with multiple people

Six  Guild Transfer Regulations

1. The President of the Guild may transfer his or her Guild to any player who has been a party for 7 days, but the Transferred Person may not dissolve or re-transfer the Guild within 28 days.

2. If the transferee voluntarily kicks the former President out of the Guild within 28 days of the transfer, the server will forcibly block and restore the former President to the post of President

Seven . Dissolution of the guild

1. Manual dissolution:  Presidents can manually dissolve their guilds. After dissolution, the guild building handles itself, but the server removes guild-wide protection and moves guild members out of the guild group, making it vacant for the next guild to use

2. Forced dissolution:  Guild 28 days no one on-line forced dissolution;   The president is forced to disband after the violation of the server, and the president is blacked out and is not allowed to inherit and transfer

Eight  The sovereignty of the guild

1. The In-Server Guild is a player gathering place/player group within the server and does not have absolute sovereignty. But there is a president in this group who can decide everything in the guild.

2. If the non-server guild comes to provoke or initiate a guild war, inform the executive department and management team. The off-server guild launches a guild war against the in-service guild, and because the two guild systems are different, such invitations are invalid.

Intra-group regulations

A . Normal chat rules

1. Group chats are dominated by chat and discussion of MC game content.

2. Quarrels and sprayers will be banned for 2 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Advertise or swipe the screen for 10 minutes to 3 hours. There are many malicious brushes (≥50,ormessages that others can’t see, and repeatedly taught to ban words for 10 to 30 days.)

4. Group files and photos regulations:  Groups and photos are used to share positive information about the server and my world. Sharing of information of a politically sensitive type of cause, insult, or political is strictly prohibited. When found, it is deleted and warned.

5. It is strictly forbidden to kick players away from group chats and remove more than 2 group administrators for no reason

6. Brush the screen as defined as follows, meet any of the conditions prohibited speech 10 minutes to start: (1) Single person within 1 minute to send more than three emoticons in a row (2) The number of lines of text messages sent by a single person exceeds 20 lines (3) More than one person sends emoji packages in a row Total of more than five

7. Group owners and administrators may change their titles unconditionally. Players are required to wait for the event to give the title opportunity. The president and vice president of the guild may obtain the title of guild name.

II. Group robots

1. The main functions of group robots are detection of forbidden words, anti-brush screen, etc.

2. Prohibited Word Function:  Each time a prohibited word is banned and warned, ten kicks out

3. Ordinary speech is prohibited by accidentally bringing prohibited words, and zeroing may be applied for if the number of warnings is remaining three times. If a prohibited word is maliciously sent, it will not be cleared

Iii. Add groups to apply for adoption of the benchmark

1. Add group players please verify whether they are in-game players, whether they are blacklisted, etc.

All groups below level 4 of 2.QQ are rejected

3. The robot automatically refuses to add groups to indicate that the player is already on the blacklist, do not pass by yourself, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble!

Four  A baseline that has group management rights and robot management permissions

1. Group management rights benchmark:  server operations maintenance personnel (i.e. service owners and agent service owners), executives   (i.e. robots).

2. Robot management authority benchmark: Server management team personnel (i.e. OP   administrators),executive department ministers, co-management department ministers

V. Ban the benchmark

1. Ban:  Brush screen ban:  Brush screen ban for 10 minutes to 3 hours. Fight, spray people ban words for 2 minutes to 1 hour. Advertising, banned for 10 minutes to 3 hours.

2. Group administrators are strictly prohibited from speaking or releasing statements at will. Remove the group administrator ten times after

3. The player who is banned after the robot recognizes the forbidden words shall not lift the ban on speech, and the prohibition made by the group management authority personnel shall not be lifted privately

Six  Other

1. Do not send such as a top two red envelope, group friend summoning, can not open the red envelope, etc. using QQ does not allow the technology, or other malicious content, found after a ban of one hour and more.

2. If the group chats in violation of the rights of others, it is forbidden to speak for one hour, if the disclosure of other people’s personal information, etc., ban the words for 1 day, twice directly kicked out.

Next FAQ

frequently asked questions

The nature of the server is ?The primary server is a survival mini-game synthetic server The satellite server is not running permanently and a theme is changed every once in a while
Server location and numberSee the server information above for details
What if my account can’t log in?May be NetEase seal number, please find NetEase customer service to solve
I went to the server page to prompt that I had entered The Black Ming Single and could not playHas been blackened, in general will not be mistakenly blackened, if there is any doubt to contact the service owner
I played half the card collapseMay you be banned because of cheating, there may be malicious bombing, may be a problem with NetEase server automatic restart, please be patient
I want to join the guildPlayers within the group can join, but note that different levels can add different people, while the server does not support multi-guilds, etc
I want to join the communityIn-group players can join directly after upgrading Level 2 permissions Upgrade permissions allow you to find a management manual upgrade or upgrade room on the right side of the main city
I’m building well, giving you a creative model to help you buildCurrently, the server can apply for an architect, subject to the following conditions: enter the group for more than 7 days, must ensure at least 3 days online for one hour, must have a building work
I want to be a co-ordinatorCo-management application conditions: more than 7 days into the group, must ensure that at least 2 days online for 1 hour, apply for their own group number and then apply in the verification message
I am a friend of XXX Management, can you give me administrator rights to play with the server?Apply for management please find a service agent or agent to serve the master If there is no reason to apply, the application is rejected
Without GIVING ME OP ADMINISTRATOR RIGHTS, I’LL REPORT THE SERVER, RETREAT, AND THEN BLOW UP THE SUITPlease watch it for yourself We’re not going to make a fuss about you . . . . .
I was asked if I had bought a high-grade enchanted weapon, or hung it, and I didn’t know what to doFind the executive and management team immediately to inform the player of the player’s behavior, preferably with screenshot evidence
What items on the server cannot be used?Ordinary players cannot use command blocks,TNT,brush eggs, bedrock, barriers, command blocks minecarts, adventure mode may not use purple fruit
The server is not interestingYour main content is survival suit, but there are small games, accessory suit every once in a while will also change the way of play, find more, to be good at finding . 😀