Player agreement – English(US)

By playing on this service, you are deemed to have voluntarily complied with and agreed to the full contents of this Agreement.

If you have any questions about the contents of this Agreement, you may choose to find the Server Management Inquiry or play the Server later.

Gu Yu Server is the open server of My World NetEase China and International Edition.

If it is found that the user account has been illegally used by another person, you shall process it at the request of the account provider, and Gu Yusu has the right to take measures to suspend all or part of the account’s rights on the server.

Valley Rain Server enjoys all legal rights and interests within the server  (including but not limited to command block copyright, architectural copyright, art copyright, etc.).

Valley Rain Server in its server embodies the “Valley Rain Server”,”LOGO”,”ICON”,for the Valley Rain Serverowned.

Subject to the user’s agreement to accept this Agreement, Valley Rain Server reserves the right to provide, withdraw the play rights, discussion rights, release videos, videos, pictures, etc., and the user may play according to the provisions under the guidance of Valley Rain Server.

The rights not expressly granted to users under this Agreement are reserved by Valley Rain Server.

Users shall ensure that their use of this server game content to produce/adapt content does not infringe the interests of any third party.

Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement or the Server Player Regulations, users may not perform the following actions without the written/written consent of the Valley Rain Server Management Group:

1 Use the full contents of the Valley Rain Server for any profit

2 Modify / mask / plagiarize / plagiarize any content with a copyright notice

3 Content that has an impact on the proper operation of the server

4 Other violations of laws and regulations

Users are solely responsible for any actions they engage in using the contents of the Valley Rain Server. In particular, the use of valley rain server content is prohibited from publishing the following:

1 In violation of the basic principles established by national law

2 Endanger national security, disclose national codes, damage national honor and subvert state power, and undermine national unity

3 Inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination

4 Destroy the state religious policy and promote cults and feudal superstitions

5 Walking rumors, disturbing social order, undermining social stability

6 Infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of others

7 Other content that violates this Agreement / Player Regulations / National Laws

Users may not interfere with the provision of normal game content by The Valley Rain Server, including but not limited to:

Attack / Damage to the entire contents of the rain server or make it cardton / overloaded

Take advantage of known/unknown vulnerabilities within the server to engage in improper behavior

Create / propagate / use tools or programs that upset the balance of the game

Stealing other people’s game items/accounts

Conducting offline trading that is not permitted

To ensure that users comply with the Player Agreement/Player Regulations, Valley Rain Server reserves the right to review your game behavior and enforce penalties or rewards.

Includes but is not limited to warnings, inverting virtual currency, freezing or recycling in-game virtual items, restricting user rights, temporarily or permanently freezing play, forcing offline, blocking user accounts, deleting user records, and so on.

The official mailbox of the server

Infringement reporting channels:

In order to ensure the normal operation of the server, the valley rain server will periodically / irregularly stop running / maintenance and other measures, the following measures are:

1 Regular inspection or construction, update of game content, etc

2 When the server is damaged and does not function properly

3 Sudden equipment failure

Valley Rain Server  reserves the right to suspend the provision of game services to some or all users if necessary/permitted.